The conspiracy of our leaders is well establish with more than 14 years of silence on the matter of the true events of 9/11. This evidence will not go away. There is no statue of limitations in our criminal code nor under international law.

As long as Canada remains a democracy we will have the ability to call our leaders to account. It is a matter of the political will of the people of Canada. When we elect representatives who have stated that it is her or his desire to call our current and past leaders to account, such will be the case.

Her Majesty is the head of our judicial system and therefore cannot be tried in a court of law, however Her Majesty may be tried by parliament as was King Charles.

The members of parliament would have been elected with the clear understanding that he or she would act collectively with like minded MP's to bring Her Majesty to justice for "crimes against peace" and would therefore be acting with the consent of the electorate of Canada.

As for Her Majesty's ministers, backbenchers, loyal opposition and senators they may be tried by a tribunal authorized by the newly elected representatives of the people of Canada.

The tribunal would have authoritative powers to indict, summon and incarcerate any and all parliamentarians back to, at a minimum, September 11, 2001.

As well, the tribunal would indict:

university presidents, union presidents, leaders of tax exempt religious denominations, bank executives, media executives, the list of co-conspirators is large.

It is a fact that the number of co-conspirators is so large that many people cannot believe that such a conspiracy could take place - however the evidence for the conspiracy is overwhelming,


- yes such a conspiracy is taking place.

Several tribunals could be established. There could be national and provincial tribunals as well as local tribunals to deal with local co-conspirators such as school board members, mayor and council, newspaper and community cable employees - the list of co-conspirators is lengthy.

According to Michael Rupert's interpretation of the youth rioting in London, it is a...

...generational revolution...a generation of young people who have no hope, who see no future, who understand that civilization is collapsing around them even as they speak and they are frustrated beyond belief. I understand that, I just think this kind of violence is the wrong way to fight. There is a better way to fight the beast that is doing this.

Rupert, a former LAPD officer, goes on to say that the riots are being provoked by governments as a 'training exercise' for the larger social unrest that is coming.

Accordingly, the tribunal should be composed of men and women representing our multicultural heritage and be between the legal age and age 30.

It would also be advantageous to conduct the tribunals along the lines of restorative justice, allowing the victims of the "crimes against peace," which would include:

Canadian Forces families,

families from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria,

as well as the 'generation of young people' who have had their future so distorted,

to meet with the conspirators and tell their stories - how the actions of a psychopathic leadership has impacted their lifes -

and what the victims of the "crimes against peace" see as a means for the conspirators to make amends - allowing the victims to deal with that part of their lives and move on to life in the present.

The tribunals would be composed of 'ordinary' young Canadians. Our judicial system is part of the conspiracy of silence and therefore could play no part in the tribunals.

Owners and senior executives of businesses that supported the conspiracy, which are "crimes against peace", would be indicted by the tribunal.


Owners and senior executives of businesses that actively fought against the conspiracy would be celebrated by the tribunal.


Interestingly, the two dealerships are located across the street from each other.

We are lucky to have a democracy in Canada;

if it is to survive, we must take personal responsibility.

Are our leaders working for us?

If not, then it is our responsibility to:

firstly, elect new leaders prepared to call the corrupt leaders to account and deal with their violation of the public trust,

and secondly,

to move on under a new leadership who value and respect the public trust placed in her or his leadership.

As Prince Philip said regarding the monarchy:

It is a complete misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn't. It exists in the interests of the people. If at any time any nation decides that the system is unacceptable, then it is up to them to change it.

source Duties and milestones...Visiting Canada in 1969